The World of Miss Dominique
Surrey / Hampshire / Berkshire Mistress

Surrey Mistress

Welcome to My World, an alternate reality in which the trials and tribulations of your everyday life will just fade away, here it is possible for all your fantasies, your deepest darkest desires to come true, time fades away as you are lost in the moment, your attention is with Me as I take you deeper and deeper into My World, you are under My control now.

I stand before you almost 6 ft tall in my stiletto clad feet, slim with long blond hair, an intelligent, perceptive and sophisticated Mistress, you can feel my green eyes watching, as you reveal yourself to Me, your Mistress, confessing your most secret of thoughts and most intimate of desires, safe within the confines of my chamber.

With over 10 years experience as a professional dominatrix, feminine but with a naturally assertive personality, I relish being in control, as I find your Achilles heel, I delight in pushing your buttons both mentally and physically in order to illicit the desired response. Knowing intuitively whether to be caring, compassionate, subtle and sensitive, seductive, sensual, close and tactile OR formal, distant, strict and severe, cruel, brutal and sadistic, or something in between. Creatively, spontaneously, combining some or all of these elements. Will it be punishment, pain, or pleasure? Each session unscripted, and as unique as you are, you quiver in nervous anticipation, unable to predict my next move.

And so as the session unfolds you find yourself at the mercy of my imagination, toying with you, while conflicting messages and feelings of surprise and confusion race through your mind and body, your reactions play to my sense of humour and amusement………

When you contact me you will find me approachable, open minded and easy to talk to, as I believe that successful sessions are in part the result of good communication.

You will also find my standards are high, and I will expect the best from you. I demand obedience, and love to be worshiped, adored, pampered and spoilt, I deserve the best and consider respect, courtesy, consideration, and therefore cleanliness and discretion to be fundamental to the relationship between you my subject, and Me your Mistress, and essential in the building of trust.

I take a very dim view indeed of disrespect and bad manners, which are totally unacceptable, ALWAYS! The same goes for time wasters who in my opinion should be named and shamed!

I do however welcome those of you who are sincere in their desire to visit my chambers, the experienced and the novice alike. If you are new to the scene and feeling a little nervous, remember even the most experienced submissive started by plucking up the courage to take that first step.

Welcome to My World.

Contact me on 07715 569328