I met Miss Dominique, who I now consider to be a friend, some years ago.

Right from the start Mistress was completely non judgmental.  She accepted me as I was, including kinks, allowing me to embrace my idiosyncrasies and realize that I was not abnormal after all.

My visits to  Mistress opened up a whole new world of experiences and possibilities, refreshing and revitalizing my life.

During both exciting and turbulent times, I found Miss Dominique to be a cathartic influence, always.

So, many thanks to you Miss Dominique, until we meet again.

This December I’m in the mood to have some fun and have decided to celebrate Christmas My way.

So to anyone who calls and books a session of 1 hour or more, I will extend the session and give you another half  hour on Me!

Remember to quote “Merry Christmas Mistress” to avail yourself of my generosity.

Merry Christmas!

My girlfriend and I were searching online for a dominatrix when we came across Miss Dominique’s profile.  After a conversation with her, I was pleased to find out that she accommodated same sex couples.

From our initial conversation till the end of our session she was very friendly and outgoing.  She listened to what we wanted and accommodated us without hesitation.

It was our first time with a dominatrix and Miss Dominique gave us a fantastic experience and more.

We highly recommend her and want to thank her for helping to fulfill my girlfriend’s fantasy.

I have been sessioning with Mistress Dominique now for approximately 13 years.  She is generous with her time and makes for a good conversationalist.

She has a wonderful leather wardrobe and looks stunning from her peaked cap right down to her thigh boots.  Out of all the Mistresses I’ve seen, her leather boots are the best.

If you’re a fetishist you can’t wish for a more patient, seductive and sensual lady to session with.

Take a tip from me, don’t hesitate any longer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress several years ago.  I have played with many professional lady’s around the south of the UK and not a single one of them could bring the level of cold-hearted dominance mixed with sensual touch that Miss Dominique so expertly gives to a session.

Miss Dominique is relaxed about Her time in the chamber, none of this shaving 15 minutes off Her sessions that some lady’s seem to be keen to do.  Mistress is thoughtful and measured during a session.  Never have I walked away from a session disappointed.

Her chambers and equipment are meticulously cleaned and I have never had cause to worry about hygiene or anything of that nature.

So in closing who is Mistress Dominique?

Well, true expert in Her field, She will take you into Her world, delve into your darkest fantasies blend them with Her own ideas, leaving you a satisfied quivering wreck of happiness.

But best of all, She’s a kind caring exceptional lady albeit with a natural born streak for controlling us males….

Miss Dominique …. a lady to be respected …. a Mistress to be worshipped.

To serve Miss Dominique is to find yourself in the presence of a truly dominant Mistress.  Outside of your audience you will meet a sophisticated and intuitive Mistress who is friendly and approachable.  However when you serve Her you will be left in no doubt that She is in control.

A wide range of activities and attitudes makes Miss Dominique’s sessions as varied and unique as Her imagination.  She is someone who is truly passionate and enthusiastic about what She does and it shows!

Miss Dominique ….to honor ….to worship …. to obey.

If you seek a Mistress who, whilst respecting your limits, will take you from the mundane to a place of sublime submission then i urge you to request an audience at Her feet.

Miss Dominique an extraordinary encounter with a Mistress you will remember.

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