I was very apprehensive prior to my first visit with Miss Dominique, however Mistress soon allayed my initial fears, telling me that She firmly believed that good communication was vital for both parties right from the outset, encouraging me to reveal my innermost secrets to Her.  As Mistress listened carefully, all the time observing me, I got the distinct impression that She was committing notes to memory for future use.

That was a few years ago now and I am still privileged to serve Her.

Miss Dominique is a perfectionist who holds high standards, demands complete obedience and seems to have an uncanny empathic ability which is often apparent in Her actions.  Where there are shortfalls in my performance, Mistress never hesitates in correcting me in whatever way She deems necessary, seeming to take great delight and often amusement from doing so.

During our sessions I am transported to another place in time and space where nothing else exists, my only desire is to please and serve Her, craving approval, knowing I am in the presence of a truly dominant Mistress.