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I met Miss Dominique, who I now consider to be a friend, some years ago. Right from the start Mistress was completely non judgmental.  She accepted me as I was, including kinks, allowing me to embrace my idiosyncrasies and realize that I was not abnormal after all. My visits to  Mistress opened up a whole […]

This December I’m in the mood to have some fun and have decided to celebrate Christmas My way. So to anyone who calls and books a session of 1 hour or more, I will extend the session and give you another half  hour on Me! Remember to quote “Merry Christmas Mistress” to avail yourself of […]

My girlfriend and I were searching online for a dominatrix when we came across Miss Dominique’s profile.  After a conversation with her, I was pleased to find out that she accommodated same sex couples. From our initial conversation till the end of our session she was very friendly and outgoing.  She listened to what we […]

I have been sessioning with Mistress Dominique now for approximately 13 years.  She is generous with her time and makes for a good conversationalist. She has a wonderful leather wardrobe and looks stunning from her peaked cap right down to her thigh boots.  Out of all the Mistresses I’ve seen, her leather boots are the […]

I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress several years ago.  I have played with many professional lady’s around the south of the UK and not a single one of them could bring the level of cold-hearted dominance mixed with sensual touch that Miss Dominique so expertly gives to a session. Miss Dominique is relaxed about […]

Miss Dominique …. a lady to be respected …. a Mistress to be worshipped. To serve Miss Dominique is to find yourself in the presence of a truly dominant Mistress.  Outside of your audience you will meet a sophisticated and intuitive Mistress who is friendly and approachable.  However when you serve Her you will be […]

I was very apprehensive prior to my first visit with Miss Dominique, however Mistress soon allayed my initial fears, telling me that She firmly believed that good communication was vital for both parties right from the outset, encouraging me to reveal my innermost secrets to Her.  As Mistress listened carefully, all the time observing me, […]

In the past 9 years I’ve had the privilege of  attending many sessions with Miss Dominique, all of them varied, no two the same, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed them all. I love trying something new and Mistress encourages me to do so, while at the same time always managing to […]

With over 10 years experience as a professional dominatrix, feminine but with a naturally assertive personality, I relish being in control, as I find your Achilles heel, I delight in pushing your buttons both mentally and physically in order to illicit the desired response. Knowing intuitively whether to be caring, compassionate, subtle and sensitive, seductive, […]