Miss Dominique …. a lady to be respected …. a Mistress to be worshipped.

To serve Miss Dominique is to find yourself in the presence of a truly dominant Mistress.  Outside of your audience you will meet a sophisticated and intuitive Mistress who is friendly and approachable.  However when you serve Her you will be left in no doubt that She is in control.

A wide range of activities and attitudes makes Miss Dominique’s sessions as varied and unique as Her imagination.  She is someone who is truly passionate and enthusiastic about what She does and it shows!

Miss Dominique ….to honor ….to worship …. to obey.

If you seek a Mistress who, whilst respecting your limits, will take you from the mundane to a place of sublime submission then i urge you to request an audience at Her feet.

Miss Dominique an extraordinary encounter with a Mistress you will remember.